maandag 10 maart 2014

Ten on ten

'Ten on ten. Spring is in the air.'

1. Ontbijt | Breakfast
2. Mare is ietwat teleurgesteld dat de eendjes ons brood niet lusten | Somewhat disappointed that the ducks won't eat our bread
3. Zandtaartje | Someone has been baking
4. Met zand spelen is een serieuze aangelegenheid | Playing is serious business
5. Schaduwspel | Shadow play 
6. Madeliefjes | Picking daisies
7. Morris uit school halen | Picking up Morris from school
8. In onze tuin | In our garden
9. Mama, wat doe je nou? | Muhum, what are you doing? 
10. Groen | Green 

Linking up with Rebekah Gough. I already spotted the following great entries. A very colourful day over at Little Red Vikings. I especially like the graffiti shots and the bright stairs, the kids admiring the view and oh well,  I like them all! The post over at Milk please mum I found to be very inspiring. I love how everyday activities like doing the dishes, eating crackers and having coffee are so beautifully documented. Note to self: next month I will try to capture the 'ordinary' things and not necessarily the pretty things, like my kids and flowers! ;)

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